Wellbeing by Andrea Quinn

Andrea Quinn Managing Director of Geelox, speaking at the BMT Safety conference in November 2015.  Andrea describes a behavioural approach to Wellbeing.

Six Leadership Rules by Jack Sheehan

Ex-Supreme Commander of NATO, General Jack Sheehan, speaking at the BMT Leadership conference in October 2014.  He discusses 6 Leadership Rules that he has learned and used across his business leadership and military career.

BMT Conferences

A two minute introduction to BMT conferences.

What is BMT?

A two minute introduction to BMT, what it is and what you can achieve quite quickly applying its techniques.

Get the Simple Stuff Right First

Howard Lees in Christchurch, New Zealand, February 2015. Here, he looks at how to create high performing teams, and explores the importance of getting the simple stuff right first.

Some Simple Steps You Will Not Do

Howard spoke in Christchurch NZ in February 2015.  In this short extract, he outlines some very simple steps to help with time management.  This video is 1 minute and 21 seconds long.

The Strong and Caring Leader

Howard Lees has worked with some excellent leaders throughout his career and in this talk he explains what made those leaders great.  He offers practical advice on how we can all learn to be more like those people by being more scientific about what we say and do.

Real Safety vs. Virtual Safety

Bob Cummins examines why fatality numbers in high risk industries have plateaued, despite huge efforts to increase overall workplace safety.

Brains or Brawn

Allison Reynolds shares her insights into stimulus control with horses, focusing on an explanation of Negative Reinforcement, or “R minus” (R-).

Howard Lees’ Q&A Sessions May 2013

An edited selection of Howard Lees’ responses from the Q&A sessions at the BMT conference in May 2013.

Awareness Matters, Right?

Richard Kazbour questions whether awareness is enough to change behaviour at the BMT conference in May 2013.

Howard Lees on Safety

Howard Lees from Hollin Consulting speaking at the BMT for Safety Conference in Manchester, UK, in December 2012.  He is introduced by Rachel Edwards.

I Take Safety Seriously…?

Bob Cummins explores the disconnect between leaders and workers.

Filling the Gap

Bob Cummins suggests four steps to creating a successful safety culture. He discusses the differences in the perceptions of managers and the workforce about workplace priorities and why those gaps exist.

Peter Farrer of Scottish Water at BMT 2013

Peter Farrer, the Chief Operating officer of Scottish Water, at the BMT conference in May 2013.  An industry professional, Peter describes how his organisation is using BMT.


Graham Keegan is the Chief Operating Officer of Eight2O. He is discussing leadership at the BMT conference in May 2014.

55 Seconds on Leadership

A very short clip on leadership from Howard Lees’ BMT talk in May 2014.

Controlling Your Inner Micromanager

Nicole Gravina explains how we fall into the trap of micromanaging, why this is undesirable and offers some alternative strategies.

Leadership is a Verb

An extract from Rachel Edwards’ talk at the BMT Conference in Manchester in May 2013.  Rachel discusses the concept of Learned Helplessness and the impact of being too busy at work.

More Steps Before Step One

Howard Lees talks about behaviour change and what is required before Step One at the BMT Chicago Conference in September 2013.

The Steps Before Step One

Howard Lees speaking at the BMT for Leaders conference in May 2013.

BMT at Volvo

Martin Merrick, the Managing Director at Volvo Truck and Bus North and Scotland explains how they have used BMT to help them compete in tough marketplace and get results.

Making ‘Strategic’ Reinforcing

Bob Cummins discusses why so many us find it difficult to effectively plan for the long term and what we can do to make it more reinforcing to think strategically.

What Compliance in Medicine Can Teach Us About Leadership

BMT 2013 for Leaders Conference in Chicago – Lisa Kazbour

Nicole Gravina on Feedback

At the BMT Conference in December 2012, Nicole discusses delivering and receiving feedback.

Moments of Inspiration

A short, edited clip of Howard talking about great quotes from his past bosses – from the BMT Conference 2013.

Why Initiatives Fail

Between 50% and 90% of business initiatives fail and John Austin examines the reasons for this from a behavioural psychologist’s point of view.

Engagement in the Workplace

Research indicates that around 70% of people at work are ‘unengaged’.  Richard Kazbour explores what engagement looks like and offers some tips to increase engagement levels at work and home.

Time Management

Nicole Gravina talks about time management during her keynote address at the BMT Safety Conference in Manchester.

Industry Leaders Speaking About BMT

At the BMT conference in May 2014, a number of industry leaders told us how they use BMT.