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BMT for Leadership Conference June 13th & 14th in Manchester

The BMT for Leadership conference is on 13th of June 2018 and the workshop is on 14th of June 2018. Come along to either day or both. Listen to behavioural experts alongside leaders from a and Design Consultancy and the Water and Rail industries explain the lessons they’ve learned as they apply behavioural science in their workplaces. The event location is at the Hilton Manchester Airport, UK. For more information click here.

About Us

The The BMT Federation is a not for profit organisation whose aim is to spread the use of behavioural science to make positive changes in business.  BMT (Behavioural Management Techniques) is a blend of Applied Behavioural Science tools and Project Management skills. A scientific approach simplifies analysis and significantly increases the probability of achieving tangible results. Over 10,000 people around the world have been trained in BMT since 2005. We consist of a group of individuals who use, study or teach behavioural science including corporate members and individual members. Corporate members are companies who provide advice, knowledge, training and consultation. Individual members are a mixture of those who provide the above services as well as practising academics and researchers.

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We offer accreditation to companies, trainers and practitioners that are successfully using behavioural science to deliver business improvement.

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